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About Dupree Automotive

Bob Dupree graduated from Texas A & M College and came to Scurry County to work as a soil conservation representative. He had always been sort of "horse trader" and started selling cars. Bob opened up a Nash Rambler/American Motors Corporation dealership in 1949. When AMC went out of business, he started selling and financing used cars under the name Dupree Motors.

Bob's brother, Jack, was also related to the car business and was hauling new vehicles from an automobile factory. Jack had a desire to find a job closer to home. He worked for a time for Bob in his business and then went to work for the Chevrolet dealership when it was known as Lamb Chevrolet. Jack Durpee then opened his own business in 1962 operating as Jack's Used Cars. He not oly sold used cars but also offered his own financing to help people who would otherwise not be able to by a vehicle.

Jack's son, Richard Dupree, was naturally a "car nut" from the beginning and started working for his dad in the late 70's when he was 16 years old. From that time until the present, Richard has worked almost exclusively in the used car business. Richared took over management of the dealership in 1985 after his dad Jack passed away. He bought out the business in the early 1990's and then changed the name of the dealership to Dupree Automotive in 2002. Dupree Automotive continues today to offer high quality used vehicles to those in the Snyder area and still offers affordable financing to its customers.

Dupree Automotive

Dupree Automotive
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Snyder, TX 79549

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